tribal owl spirit-catcher circular weaving needle felted owl wall hanging transparent photo

Spirit Catchers

Fanciful Felts &
Whimsical Weaves

Spirit-Catchers are unique fiber art wall hangings that bring the beauty of Spirit into form with the magic of wool through the techniques of needle felting and weaving

“The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper” -W.B Yeats

transparent sheep-spirit-catcher for home page


The portal between worlds. The magic doorway. The circle is an opening, a place of power, unity, connection, focus, completion, & wholeness.

Island Woman Spirit-Catcher circular weaving with needle felted island woman wall hanging close view for home page


Needle felted with wool, the Spirit peeks through the circular portal bringing gifts of wisdom, healing, and love from the higher dimensions.

close detail of weave


The Spirit guides the weaving where an array of textures and colors are created that represent each Spirit's unique energy and personality.

The Artist

Artist Shawna Timmerman photo with needle felted gnome, chipmunk, and owl for artist bio page

Hi, my name is Shawna Timmerman

I am so happy to have discovered the art of needle felting! Most of my life I dabbled a bit here and there in expressing my creativity through different art forms with nature photography always being a favorite.  

I love beauty, nature, and magic and love letting my mind wander to the subtle realms, especially where many of our elemental friends reside.

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