Highland Cow Spirit

Highland Cow Spirit has a beautiful and grounded connection with all of the elements of the Earth and holds the vibration of balance.  Highland Cow also encourages us to celebrate our sensual nature, meaning, our ability to sense in this world.  To feel the ground under our feet, the air on our skin, to smell the moist earth and fragrant flowers, to taste what we eat and drink, to hear the sounds of nature.  Really to embody our experience here on Mother Earth.  Of course we are ultimately spirit…but here in this incarnation, on this planet, in this dimension, we get the gifts of using our senses.  Many talk about shifting into 5th dimensional reality here on this planet.  And this is done not by rising out of the body, but is rather meant to be an ascension process that takes place while IN the body!  Highland Cow Spirit is a really lovely guide for just this, being in the physical body while vibrating with the higher qualities of Divine love.

Size:  12″ diameter, horns extend about 2 1/2 ” to each side  Depth” 5″

Weight: 8.2 oz

Materials: bamboo embroidery hoop, jute twine, recycled sari silk ribbon, wool roving, wool yarn, cotton rope, core wool, suri alpaca fiber

Each Spirit-Catcher is a one of a kind art piece. Even when I create a new sheep, for instance, it won’t be exactly the same. The weave will likely be different because the energy of that particular Spirit will be different. Sometimes I also hand blend colors to achieve shading/coloring effects on the needle felted Spirits and thus no two will ever look exactly alike (not to mention sometimes wool truly has a mind of it’s own!).