Island Woman Spirit

Island Woman Spirit comes to assist with taking a look at your Beliefs. What kind of beliefs do you hold, especially about yourself. Do you realize your beliefs mostly come from social and ancestral stories that have been passed around and around? Are they really your truth? Believe in yourself, your true self, and be willing to let go of false beliefs, especially around who you really are. She comes through a beautiful portal full of rich colors that remind us to celebrate Life.  Island Woman Spirit is a powerful and supportive ally to share your journey with.

Size: 12” diameter, some yarn extends about 1 1/2” beyond the hoop at the top. Depth: 3”

Weight: 6.5 oz

Materials: bamboo embroidery hoop, core wool, wool roving, wool yarn, recycled sari silk ribbon

Each Spirit-Catcher is a one of a kind art piece. Even when I create a new sheep, for instance, it won’t be exactly the same. The weave will likely be different because the energy of that particular Spirit will be different. Sometimes I also hand blend colors to achieve shading/coloring effects on the needle felted Spirits and thus no two will ever look exactly alike (not to mention sometimes wool truly has a mind of it’s own!).