Old World Flower Fairy


This beautiful and ancient Spirit comes forth carrying with her knowledge and magic of the Sidhe (shee) of Ireland. The Sidhe are a very ancient race of fairy, with vast wisdom who have walked alongside the human race in ancient times. It has been thought they have since retreated to live beneath the Earths surface, where sometimes their dwellings create recognizable mounds. The Sidhe demand respect, are very strong in their power, and vast in their knowledge, regal in their appearance, masters of energy, the ancient forbearers of other fairy races that may be more widely known today.  Old World Flower Fairy Spirit will whisper the secrets to her human companion of working with the flower realm specifically, whether in the vibrational or physical forms of flowers. Anyone interested in Celtic shamanism, ancient fairy lore, and a most amazing and well respected guide in all manner of botanical healing will absolutely gain benefit and love working with Old World Flower Fairy Spirit.  She also comes in through a black portal, so she is connected with secrets of the night, connected with the moon, and definitely holds a strong Divine Feminine energy.

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Size: 12” diameter, Depth: 3 1/2”

Weight: 6.6 oz

Materials: bamboo embroidery hoop, wool yarn, core wool, wool locks, flowers are wet felted with wool

Each Spirit-Catcher is a one of a kind art piece. Even when I create a new sheep, for instance, it won’t be exactly the same. The weave will likely be different because the energy of that particular Spirit will be different. Sometimes I also hand blend colors to achieve shading/coloring effects on the needle felted Spirits and thus no two will ever look exactly alike (not to mention sometimes wool truly has a mind of it’s own!).