Steenbok Spirit


A Steenbok is an African antelope. There is much written on the symbology of Antelope as a totem or spirit guide. This art piece actually started as a deer and turned into an antelope! Both are well known for excellent listening skills and watchfulness. This beautiful ally can help you take action and move forward all while learning to trust your instincts and increase sensitivity to subtle cues. Horns on an animal often suggest connection with higher guidance. Steenbok Spirit is sure to guide you forward with grace, elegance, sharp wits, and discernment.

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Size: 12” diameter, Depth: 3 3/4”

Weight: 8 oz

Materials: bamboo embroidery hoop wrapped in cotton rope, core wool, wool yarn, silk/mohair yarn, small piece of aluminum wire in horns

Each Spirit-Catcher is a one of a kind art piece. Even when I create a new sheep, for instance, it won’t be exactly the same. The weave will likely be different because the energy of that particular Spirit will be different. Sometimes I also hand blend colors to achieve shading/coloring effects on the needle felted Spirits and thus no two will ever look exactly alike (not to mention sometimes wool truly has a mind of it’s own!).